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September is worst for Hurricanes

September is historically the busiest month for hurricanes!! We're currently in the "peak" of Storm Season and will be there until October 1.  No worries,  there are still steps you can take to protect your landscape before a storm hits: 

Tree Trimming prior to hurricane season along with debris removal can go a long way toward protecting your landscape during high winds from hurricanes and severe storms. And these weather conditions are part of living in Florida—it’s not a matter of if a hurricane will strike, but when. If we can deliver our best advice in three words, we’d say: Always be prepared!

What does that mean for the landscape? Here are a few important pointers that could help save your property from severe damage.

Focus on Trimming high trees: On an annual basis (ideally before hurricane season), all high trees on your property should be evaluated and pruned to encourage plant health and prevent damage in strong winds. That can include pruning palm trees, removing coconuts and addressing limbs that are dying, diseased or dead. Trees that are mostly likely to get damaged include: Australian pine tree, Mahogany, Ficus, Laurel Oak, Queen Palm and Tabubuia.

Prune Shrubs: Summer heavy pruning will prevent limbs from being torn off by winds. Heavy pruning rejuvenates plants, encourages new growth and is better than continual light pruning (in most cases). May to August is the best time to do heavy pruning in Florida; and we recommend doing so before peak hurricane season arrives in mid-August through September.

Get an Irrigation Check: Before heavy storm season in Florida, you want to be sure irrigation rain sensors and other components are working. Get an irrigation check before hurricane season rather than finding out the hard way that your system isn’t operating like it’s supposed to.

If you are still in the market for a lawn and landscape provider please call us at: 941-776-5111.


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