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Add Privacy to your Backyard

Now more than ever, we are enjoying Staycations, Weekends and Downtime in our own backyard. But what do you do if the neighbors are right on top of you? No one likes to feel like they live in a Fishbowl! Putting up a privacy fence is one way to add instant privacy to your backyard but have you thought about using plants as a natural privacy screen?

Lots of plants here in Southern Florida will grow large enough to afford privacy from the neighbor's watchful eyes (although they probably don't want you watching them either!). Oleander, Hibiscus, Sweet Viburnum are all great hedges and reach heights of 6-10 feet tall when mature, usually in about 3-4 years. Of course, you can install nearly mature versions of these plants but that could easily put this project out of your budget!

My personal favorite for this application is the Areca Palm. There's no need to go any larger than a 7 gallon tree, unless instant gratification is your bag. For about $50 per 7 gallon tree, you get a bushy palm tree that is about 4 feet tall when planted and within a year can be 6-8 feet tall and give you all the privacy you've ever dreamed of!

Areca Palms are great spaced anywhere from 4' - 6' apart and they'll grow together and create a wall of tropical privacy. They're drought tolerant so once they're established you don't have to worry about watering or any special treatment. A little Epsom salt sprinkled on the bed will keep the fronds green and lush looking all year round.

The best part about using plants to solve challenges is that plants aren't a one-size-fits all solution. We can customize your solution to include all the things you love and none of what you don't. Call us today for more information at (941) 776-5111.

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