Landscape Terms and Conditions

Landscaping Terms and Conditions:

  1. Scope of Work - The Contractor shall carry out and complete landscape works described in the Estimate in a professional manner and shall have no obligation to execute any additional work unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. The quote does not include any grading, soil preparations or amenities, maintenance, and/or watering unless specifically stated in the quote. The Quote is based on approximate quantities and site locations. You will be responsible for materials used in excess of estimated quantities, as well as, any additional cost for site conditions that go above and beyond typical installation parameters, once the installation is complete. 

  2. If a written plan is provided for your Landscape Design job, up to two edits will be provided free of charge.  After two edits, a design fee may apply. If you have questions, please let us know.

  3. Pricing - Due to current market conditions Contractor will only offer the prices in this proposal for 60 days from the date the proposal was issued. After 60 days, the amount of this proposal is subject to change due to increases in our costs that are beyond our control and will be disclosed to you before any work begins.

  4. Payment - Customer shall pay the Contractor the full amount of the Proposal, including all taxes and fees as follows for residential projects: 30% deposit upon acceptance of the proposal, balance due upon completion.

  5. Customer Representation and Obligations - the Customer warrants that the site is free of underground conditions including pipes, cables, stumps, sewage drains, and waste materials except as specifically disclosed to Contractor prior to the signing of the Estimate. Where existing problems would impede this Landscape Installation the Contractor shall be entitled to charge for additional work/supplies, equipment necessary to complete the work or an alternative solution will be sought by both parties. Customer agrees to provide the Contractor with electricity and water services while they are on-site.

  6. 811Dig - Contractor will call and request that Local Utilities are marked by the 811 Dig service offered through the state. Customers agree to not move or disturb the flags and markings set up by that service until our work is completed. Disturbing the flags and markings could result in a disruption of service to the home, and presents a grave hazard to our technicians.

  7. Completion - The Contractor will use commercially reasonable efforts to complete a project in the time frame promised. However, the Contractor shall not be liable for any delay in the completion of work in the estimate due to factors outside the control of the Contractor.

  8. Materials on Site - Materials delivered to the site become the responsibility of the Customer. The Contractor accepts no responsibility for loss damage or expense after delivery of materials to site for any reason. Any material brought to, or removed from the site that is in excess of the Contractor's requirements under the Estimate remains the property of the Contractor who shall have the right to enter the site for that purpose.

  9. Maintenance after Completion - The Contractor is only obligated to perform the work specified in the Estimate. The proper maintenance of the site, including providing irrigation to installed landscaping and sod, shall be the obligation of the Customer following completion of the work by Contractor unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties.

  10. Warranties and Exclusions - The Contractor warrants the shrubs for a period of six months and trees supplied by Contractor in connection with the Estimate for a period of one year from the date of planting if we are the company maintaining the property on a weekly basis. We are unable to guarantee plants if we are not on-site each week as we cannot monitor watering conditions, pests, or other factors that may cause damage to the plants. Annuals, perennials, and sod as well as any transplanted materials will not be warrantied and are sold as-is. The contractor shall not be liable for any damage caused by Acts of God. The contractor's sole responsibility for any breach of these warranties shall be, at its discretion, to repair or replace it or issue a refund for the plant or work affected.

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