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Covid-19 Update

The recent increases in COVID-19 cases in Florida have been disturbing to all of us both as business owners and employees. We have reinstated our stringent daily sanitizing procedures in an effort to keep our vehicles clean and our employees safe. We have also staggered start times so you may see a difference in your service time week to week.

Please continue to be patient if we need to switch your day or juggle things around. Times are still uncertain and we will continue to provide services reliably and safely for both you and our staff. Since this jump in cases seems to be affecting younger populations, we are bracing for potential infection of more of our team members. In accordance with Families First Coronavirus Response Act, we will provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. ​ We've implemented additional safeguards to keep our employees safe. We're doing temperature checks and are staggering start times to minimize the number of people who are in the shop area at the same time. We have provided all trucks with hand sanitizer to use throughout the day and antibacterial/antiviral wipes to continually wipe down surfaces they come in contact throughout the day. We've also provided our staff members with masks to wear while they are in public. At the end of the workday, we once again wipe down all equipment that was in contact with the staff during their workday.

If you have questions or concerns about your landscape, please contact the office staff directly or speak to your crew leader while maintaining a safe distance and wearing a mask. Your safety and health are extremely important to us as well.

Also, our office staff will be continuing to work from home because the schools are closed. While you're always welcome to call our office with any questions or concerns, we may not always be able to answer the phone during business hours. Again, we ask for your understanding should this happen to you if you call. I want to provide you with my personal cell number and you're welcome to call or text me on that number any time you have a concern. That number is (941) 212-8193. Email is also always an ideal option for contact as I check my email numerous times throughout the day. You're also welcome to message us via our Facebook Page!

Stay safe, keep a safe distance from others in public, stay home wherever possible, and if you experience any symptoms, please reach out immediately to your doctor. This virus is unlike anything we've ever seen before and the more data the doctors and researchers have, the more likely they will find a treatment soon.

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