About our Christmas Light Service

Thank you for considering us to hang your Christmas Lights this year!  Our goal is to provide the best service with great pricing. Enclosed is some helpful information to let you know what to expect at your appointment.   


As the appointment date approaches, pull your lights and other decors out of storage and check to make sure they function, are in good condition, and weren't damaged during storage.  If you haven't already upgraded to LED lights it might be a great time to do it.  There are lots of lights at all the big box stores now at reasonable prices. They tend to sell out completely of some styles and colors the closer we get to Thanksgiving making things much harder to find.  So please, take a moment before your appointment and check the condition of your lights to avoid any last minute runs to the big box store while we're on-site! Keep in mind that Fast Lawnscapes assumes no responsibility for the condition of the lights, fuses, or bulbs provided by the client. Most of the products we use to decorate our homes now are made in China and don't last more than a season or two. Personally I'm disappointed by the quality of the materials as well.  If you are interested in purchasing Commercial Quality materials that will last more than one or two seasons, please reach out to us and we can set up an appointment to plan a design and price out those materials.  


We are charging by the hour at a rate of $45 per man, per hour which equals $90 an hour for our two-man crew. We have a minimum charge of $60 per service call. You will be billed for the actual time our crew spends on the job and that may vary depending on the complexity of the installation, but most homes take between 1 and 2 hours. The client is responsible to provide lights, extension cords, and other decors that they wish to have installed.  If you don't have roof clips we can provide them at a nominal rate of $8 per box.  It is not necessary that you are home for your appointment but we do prefer it where possible to ensure that we've placed things where you like it.  Alternatively, you can provide our office with instructions or leave a note for our crew.  We can also call or text you when we are headed to your property to allow you time to leave work or wrap up errands and get home to meet our crew. 


You will receive an invoice via email the same day that services are provided showing you the time our team arrived and left your property.  We do ask that you make sure we have a credit card on file and your card will be charged upon job completion.  If we need to come back to make any changes after the job is completed for blown fuses, wind damage (yes that has happened before!)or strands not working, the same rate applies with a minimum service call of $60 being due at time of service.